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Don Ramon

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(Left-Mae77,LimitedMoon, slighly edited by omardapimp123 Version Vs Right-Heaven-e-Hell´s Version)

Don Ramón(Spanish) (Seu Madruga in Brazil) has been made by Heaven-e-Hell, like El Chavo. Tts sprites come from the fighting game Street Chaves and uses the moveset from Robert Garcia, though he is not a sprteswap of him.

There's another Don Ramón made by several authors (Mae77,LimitedMoon, and an slight edit by omardapimp123). The character is based on Ken-X by limitedmoon. It has the original voices in spanish, customized hypers and specials.

-Mugen Database

Ive had these characters for a while, also the first version is online, but we are resubidos for everyone who wants them,The movesets of both versions are quite particular.

Curious fact: Ryu X may have a special intro with Don Ramón but not vice versa. (but the reason is that it uses the CNS of ken X)

>>>Download Here<<<


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