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Combo counter display fix, help!



team1.pos = 18,200         ;Coords to show
team1.start.x = -150       ;Starting x-coords
team1.counter.font = 7,0,1
team1.counter.shake = 1   ;Set to 1 to shake count on hit
team1.text.text = H   ;You can use %i to show count in the text, eg "%i Hit!"
team1.text.font = 7,0,1
team1.text.offset = 3,0   ;Offset of text
team1.displaytime = 90    ;Time to show text
team2.pos = 619,200         ;Coords to show
team2.start.x = 790       ;Starting x-coords
team2.counter.font = 7,0,-1
team2.counter.shake = 1   ;Set to 1 to shake count on hit
team2.text.text = H   ;You can use %i to show count in the text, eg "%i Hit!"
team2.text.font = 7,0,-1
team2.text.offset = 3,0   ;Offset of text
team2.displaytime = 90    ;Time to show text


Here's what ive got in a screen pack i dont want to give up on. they gave me this in the fight.def under data. [combo]  It does not display the combo number on screen. I've tried changed the 'H' To different things such as "%i Combo!" and still nothing. Is there an easy fix? im relatively new to mugen. please help! If i could just paste in a whole new combo counter i would be very happy!

Also, i apologize if im using the forum in an incorrect manner, i'm not entirely sure on the policies either.

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There is no need to make a 2nd topic, you could have just replied to your old one with the code.

Ok looking at the code now, its perfectly fine.

scroll up to the top of the fight.def and look to see if you have a

font7 =

cause your combo stuff is all there.

OH I should have mentioned, Lifebars are screenpacks are different. You can easily change your lifebars without touching your screenpack.

Fight.def is Lifebars

System.def is screenpacks

They do not rely on each other.

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Hey @Ryon, I have a quick question and you seem to be knowledgable of the subject and may understand what Im going through. I made some lifebars. I use them in 1 game and everything displays perfectly. I use the same exact lifebar files in another game, and in that game the name doesnt show and the timer doesnt show either. Same exact files both mugen 1.0 1 game perfect, 1 game no countdown timer and no name displayed. Can you please help me with this?

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