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Spriting & Coding a Beam attack



I'm trying to add vegeta's galick gun & Final flash to my WIP. I have the Stance and have the sprites for the attack I just don't know how to add them properly? any help would be appreciated as I'm trying to get this guy to his much needed time with the beta testers.

IEdit: have the combo & move Stance animated already its just the wave itself I need info on spriting and coding.

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OK, now before i start talking, how come you never add me on skype bro? why you hatin fo?

Now on to your question, Beam attacks have LONG been a untalked about issue in the mugen community.

There are many ways to do it and there is NO proper way to code it.

I can give you ideas for several.

  • One way is to create ALOT of projectiles coming from his hand (say with a trigger1 = 1) and have all of those projectiles be the exact same and make them move to the opponent, my DBZ characters have this. (not my SSGSS Goku)
  • Another Way is a single helper on the player which will be your beam, that hits the opponent, this needs 3 states, Player, Helper, Dead Helper.
  • A alternate to that method would be using the player and a explod, the explod will be the effect the player will have the red hitbox on there sprites, and hitsparks will need to be coded as explods on the opponent using postype = p2.
  • A Very Technical way would be like Cybaster's Z2 Characters, which is a single helper, with a explod inbetween that scales for the length.
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