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What is this....??? (Touhou[Reimu Edit]ouhouT)


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Made by .... (Find by yourself)

I know if he will make an update again......

This is the 2.08 version with new sprite and I think it's inspiration of Ibukah's Reimu....

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Hey, can you make a command in english.....???

'Cause I seen that I see... I cannot understand anything because it's like a Chinese or Japanese......

If you could, would you help me to make it in english...?

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Me to, Ani-san....:confuse:

I think it's with the new move set and.... Some OMFG spell....

just take a look in the down, down c+y....

And... (one more) I can't open the air file with Fighter Factory, dunno why it's cannot be unlocked and i think.... It's with the unicode....

Some of spell in this 2.08 Version of M-Reimu, it's just..... some cool sound edit....

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