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[Kula Edits] Finale Sula

White Ranger

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Agreed. But I found her far too easily on numerous 4shared accounts that it safe to say she has lost the factor of being a private edit.

Personally and I hope this offends no one. I truly do not believe in private edits, in a sense. If your gonna showcase a character that looks awesome such as this or Salvation Orochi and in the end never release it to the public and call it private. Don't do that, because that's just gonna make fellow mugenites like you, me, and just about everyone one want to add this to their roster. So if anyone ever makes an edit of any character or an original character for that matter and decides to make it private it would probably be better not to even show off the said edit or character at all, thus truly making it private. Again, I mean no offense or insult but I hope anyone who reads this understands what I'm talking about and gets my point.  

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