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(KFM edit) Orb Kung Fu Man


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I think the two pictures are self explanatory about this KFM. Also, I think this is a edit of N64Mario's Capcom KFM. Anyway, this is a pretty overpowered KFM clone that has MSPaint orbs in most, if not all of his melee attacks. The few voice clips he has are Homer Simpson's. He also can turn into a MSPaint sword and create two SvC skull fire pillars which do massive damage to enemies. Even his power charge lets him get back life, and when he parries, too. Most of his attack noises are also replaced with weird futuristic robot noises. Oh yeah, there's also a instakill SGS that can grab you from anywhere on the ground... "Improved" by joaomarcosvelez. Can't remember how I found this one, so I put him on my Mediafire.

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