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(Nijikaku) Siv stage


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A tribal jungle type stage, I think. I think it may have been made from a picture, or a series of pictures at least. Probably must have been a memeatic jungle vacation, judging by the little furry thing with Ronald's head... I don't really know who's home stage it is, either, if anyone's. There's actually some animation here, like those bouncing totems and that Ronald thing, and there's another 2 on the left. That drummer's hands are slightly animated, and some tribal guy also pops up every now and then all the way on the left, too. The music here, named "nof" fits the stage very well, and also may be a remix, because a similar song plays during one of Possibility of Chizuru's winposes.

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This is a stage that represents 2ch, meaning it was made specifically for the fulllgame. It isn't anyone's home stage, the whole stage is just weird but the music: シ┐〃 family - naィ├ only ┐〃 fu ASTONィthe →, is a really fast paced, African riverband sounding tune that I love, there's even an older version of the song that's much slower paced. It also plays on Kuu's (the green Kappa creature) stage, which after editing it, I liked.

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Alright. 3 years later long after my silly Nijikaku phase, and I learned this stage's song is an interesting remix of a song (possibly) named Deja Vu from something named Initial D.


Just a neat little fun fact.

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