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Rouge by Neat Unsou ... not to be confused with the rouge of StH

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be brief, this character is very brutal, and as we all know appearances can be deceiving they and mugen that is very common, their speed is quite high and has a mode armorthat uses many times in battles and usually takes much.


nice description, not be trust, if they are to fight against it, go with strong characters.
I'm sure some already has this character, it also has an easy manageability and special.
Enjoy it.
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Oh yeah, this Rouge...she's not an easy character to fight at all because of the game she comes from, it being Astra Superstars. That game was really easy to play, and using her in M.U.G.E.N. is basically easy mode. She has easy-to-use combos, that super armor mode that she can trigger even in the middle of a combo, she gains special VERY quickly, she can easily break guards, she can go behind people and attack them, she can go above AND below people, the list goes on and on. As an opponent, she will tear you apart if you don't have a powerful character as T.S.C stated. Definitely a good character for beginners, but an AI that even the most experienced of players may have a hard time fighting.

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