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2 in one life bars

Ultra Fatality


This more of an is this possible question then asking for help so mods can move this topic later if they feel they need to but anywho i want to know how do u make to in one life bars for example like in KI when one is gone the other one comes up or in DBZ fighters the ps2 ones how it guess from white to blue to green etc. i want to make an custom lifebar if possible so it looks like one bar but its actually counting to sorry its a bit hard for me to explain but if you guys understand and know how to do it then could any of you help a brother out if so.............


That'd be Great

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Something like that could only be done within a character specifically. Regular mugen lifebars do not have that functionality or anything really beyond basic design customization. They're all functionally the same though.


i know they had to be done within the character have no idea how or who does so yeah total bust sadly :(

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