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(Nijikaku) Misso stage


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A odd, 2 part stage that's based on a old sidescrolling space shooter. Maybe Gradius, considering all of the Easter Island heads. It's the home stage to the Vic Viper parody character, well, probably both versions. The first part is a bunch of other popular 4chan memes acting like Gradius hazards, or just appearing in the background. Then, after a bunch of Moai head parodies, it becomes the second picture, a realistic looking single image of what Gradius would look like if it was real, I guess. The song here is named VicViper, and fits the stage very well, and may be a actual Gradius song.

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You know, out of all the retro stages, this one and Iwao's are just strange with all those memes in the background. And you're right, the music here is actually called 「」 - GRADIUS-boss-, and it's a remix from another anonymous composer.

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