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The Chaos Satellite and 00N


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Chaos Satellite & Core Star: These two cubes were made by 0-Saft and are tribute characters to the Death Star as said in their readme file (use Google Translate and you'll see what I mean.) The Satellite (light Chaos)  being the small one and the Core Star (Keiko Chaos)  being the larger cube and main target, as you can see, it's AI level is picked at random but most of the time it's on Normal. The Star's AI is excellent and it's always after the opponent. It has some strange and interesting attacks such as firing beams, falling and exploding and targeting it's rival.


00N by pkrs: This strange orb is one of the most unique characters I've ever seen in Mugen. Meet the mysterious 00N, also called  Aun : this surreal  sphere is very powerful and has many attacks, such as being able to extract the life force of lesser beings, sending out vehiclessummoning surreal shapes and summoning shadowy snake like beings. 00N has really neat animations, can dive under the stage and go from the left to right sides of the screen. It's AI is hard and just touching it harms you. This sentient orb has to be seen to be believed.

00N's page on the NN wiki: http://www30.atwiki.jp/niconicomugen/pages/6235.html 


Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/uvfruhgh1xqlxhc/Satelite_and_00N.rar

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