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Ive finally gotten into Mugen like Ive wanted to but Im having trouble with customization. Usually I would just look for the answers on google or at a tutorial on YouTube but the tutorials are pretty dated and Im guessing they wont work on my ver. of Mugen. So my actual problem(s): I cannot seem to change my life bars, change Motifs/Screenpacks, or change anything in the system.def file(I can make changes and save them but Mugen will remain unchanged)For a quicker response I will go into detail.


Life Bars-

This is what I do; download Life Bar of my choosing open it put the Stuff in the Font folder into the MUGEN font folder.

Take the external files(files that are not in folders...usually .def files and .sff files) and put them into the MUGEN data folder.

Open up the system.def file

Go to fight =. and enter in name of the .def for the Life bar

But when I return to MUGEN its the default life bar

-Sound Right?-



To my understanding this isn't supposed to be to difficult.

Most Screenpacks/Motifs come with a Font and Data folder.

This is what I do....

Take the Data and Font folders for the Motif and just replace the default ones in the MUGEN folder.

When I open MUGEN the 2 Karate men are gone and there is only a Select Random Character picture

Doing only that supposedly works for most people but not for me I guess :/

-Sound Right?-


System.def Problems

Okay so I went into this a little in the Life Bars problem but now I will dive fully into it.

In the system.def file there are options you can choose like your bgms for the menus, the name of the choices on the main menu, etc.

there are instructions in the system.def folder saying that when you choose music for menus you have to put tile.bgm = sound/nameoffile.mp3

I put the music I selected into the Sound folder and mirrored it perfectly and when I open MUGEN the music does not play what so ever.

I tried making the title lower case, no spacing, and I also remembered to put .mp3 at the end.

I also cannot change what the options say in the menus.

For example changing "Survival" TO "Endless MODE"

---To be clear I can save the .def with the changes in them but when MUGEN is opened it is in default even though I have made changes and saved them

---I have fresh installed MUGEN 3 times to make sure it wasn't because the MUGEN was faulty

I also cannot change my Life Bars as stated above :P




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If you want to change your sp theme open mugen.cfg in text editor/note pad then look for the (motif = dir of the system.def)

And as for the lifebar open the system.def that is assigned in the motif then change its fight.def but be sure to check where its located.

For ex. If your lirebars is in another folder be sure to include the folders name( fight = newlb/fight.def) where newlb is the folder name.

But you ignore any of it if you just put your lb in the same folder as your system.def that is assigned in your motif.

And for your sound problem you must be editing the wrong system.def for it not to be playing in your sp.

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