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Only some characters work in my Mugen



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Did you check the chars folders a common mistake is decompressing files and using extract to "nikukabe" and they got a folder and inside that folder they have a folder with the char so it wont be visible in select it wont matter how much you try,the other mistake is having different names betwen folder and char def so check everything


This. In my experience some of the most perplexing issues I've dealt with in mugen are caused by simple, stupid, overlooked mistakes. Stuff that's easy to take for granted. Another thing, from the select.def to the folder name is case sensitive (I have two Poisons, where the only difference in their folder names is a capital "P"), but it doesn't appear to be that way from the folder to the .def file. Still, you might also want to double check that just in case.


You might also could double check the .def file itself, and make sure all of the files it references are spelled right/in the correct locations/etc. As long as the characters aren't fundamentally broken or something, that might be it.


Given the comment about inserting from collections (which I've had problems with before trying to get an MKP Reiko working in my regular game), if you're still having problems, you might could also link to the specific place you downloaded one of theses non-working characters from, or, if they've been edited or something, upload them as you have them now for other people to look at and see if they can't find the problem themselves.


Still, i'm like 90% sure that it's just some dumb mispelling or accidental semicolon in one of the files. That's usually the way things work out in mugen.

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