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EFZ CPS2 Concept Themes by NoMoreHeroes2012 (+Soundtrack Download)


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Here are the Eternal Fighter ZERO CPS2 Concept Themes by NoMoreHeroes2012.
If you like what you hear right here? support him on Youtube by subscribing and he will make more of those Concept Themes for you.
(Due to the video link limit, You gonna have to click on the characters to listen to their theme (with the execption of the example). I hope you'll understand.)
The CPS2 Concept Themes are complete and the Soundtrack is now avalable
#1 3l8WXtu.png
Akane Satomura

Shapeshifting Hair - The Theme of Akane Satomura


#2 ebTt67a.png

Akiko Minase

Compassionate Nature - The Theme of Akiko Minase


#3 kHEeTjx.png

Ayu Tsukimiya

Childish Attributes - The Theme of Ayu Tsukimiya


#4 kL27Hht.png

Doppel Nanase

Well-Rounded Grappler - The Theme of Doppel Nanase


#5 z2WHgrF.png

Ikumi Amasawa

Bloody Revenge - The Theme of Ikumi Amasawa


#6 AoemDXV.png

Kano Kirishima

Yellow Ribbon - The Theme of Kano Kirishima


#7 sslZWRz.png

Kaori Misaka

Conflicting Emotions - The Theme of Kaori Misaka


#8 oVxbD8Q.png

Makoto Sawatari

Health Comes First - The Theme of Makoto Sawatari


#9 oqlBCNl.png

Mai Kawasumi

Confronting My Demons - The Theme of Mai Kawasumi


#10 sb5x89j.png

Mayu Shiina

Recovering from Loss - The Theme of Mayu Shiina



Minagi Tohno & Michiru

President of the Astronomy Club - The Theme of Minagi Tohno & Michiru



Mio Kouzuki

Mute But Still Intact - The Theme of Mio Kouzuki



Misaki Kawana

Lost Sight - The Theme of Misaki Kawana



Mishio Amano

Distance Yourself - The Theme of Mishio Amano



Misuzu Kamio

Passion for Dinosaurs - The Theme of Misuzu Kamio



Mizuka Nagamori

Getting Ready for School - The Theme of Mizuka Nagamori


#17 y7pA6a2.png

Nayuki Minase (Asleep)

Sweet Dreams - The Theme of Nayuki Minase (Asleep)


#18 JGRaZU5.png

Nayuki Minase (Awake)

Gotta Get that Jam - The Theme of Nayuki Minase (Awake)


#19 cCVaFNh.png

Rumi Nanase

True Maiden - The Theme of Rumi Nanase



Sayuri Kurata

Wealthy Upbringing - The Theme of Sayuri Kurata



Shiori Misaka

Hide Behind a Sweet Smile - The Theme of Shiori Misaka




Who is She - The Theme of UNKNOWN



#23 UR1CNXf.png


Divine Wrath - The Theme of Kanna

Meet Kanna


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