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Spriting question



I was thinking about spriting recently, and I started to think about a way to make it easier, then a question popped in my head : Is it possible to take a regular image ( vector or a digital drawing ) and spritefy it turning it into a bitmap, and using it on Mugen ?

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just scale it down to the size you want it to if your using a vector or digital drawing.


then convert it to a PNG (don't use bitmap with mugen, they don't agree) Indexed PNG. (256 color)


and you have to set the alpha color as the background color of course, then add it.


the wise move would be to scale all sprites down to desired size, and make a sprite sheet. so you can edit everything in mass.

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Something like this?

blanc_sprite_base2_by_excahm-d8nrecl.png  Resize the Render/Vector t the size you need then Index the PNG (to get rid of possible blurry edges) and add a BG color (All what Ryon said)


blanc_sprite_temp333_by_excahm-d8nrf7d.p Draw over the outlines to separete the parts (pants shirt, hair ect) with diferent bright colors make them notable to later fill them.


blanc_sprite_temp722_by_excahm-d8nrf7h.p Fill the areas where you drew the outines with the colors you are going to use.


hyperdimension_neptunia_highschool__blan add highlight and add the shading acording to the style you want to use same with cloring tones.

Isnt something hard but takes a bit more time than usual sprite editing (sorry for my english by the way)

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