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DuckSS' thread of musical releases


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Yup,I started my thread about the music which I make these days.

I'm actually working in fl studio until I find some another instruments which will usable for me in future.


If we are talking about the genres which I use,I often use many genres to create the music.


Also few of these songs which I made are not free. Because I'm planning to sell them on bandcamp in future, when I get older (from now when I will be 18 years old).


So here's my discography:


PSX video game remixes VOL 1.

Genre: Hardcore/Techno


Benni Benassi - Satisfaction (Dubstep Remix)



Original albums:

Prologue to REM EP

Genre: Instrumental Hardcore Techno/Metal


Land of broken noise

Genre: Instrumental Complex of: Chiptune,Nintendocore,Electro metal,Cybergrind,Lo-Fi and Breakcore


Random stuff VOL 1.

Genre: It's shown on every song I made.



Tribute to PPG

Genre: Metal/Breakcore

State: Free for download (I'll set that in future)




Random original songs:

First time when I made combination of REM and Dubstep

KFM's Song https://soundcloud.com/duckss-music-studio/kfms-song-original-song

Wobble trouble (Original song) - https://soundcloud.com/duckss-music-studio/wobble-troubleoriginal-8-bit-dubstep-song


8 bit covers and remixes:



Pulseman - Neo Tokyo theme

Sonic the hedgehog - Green hill zone theme

Crash Twinsanity - Mecha bandicoot and Uka Uka Boss Themes

Nightmare creatures - Boss 3 theme song

Darude - Sandstorm

Athena - Forest world

Sonic Adventure DX - Speed Highway

Doom - E1M1

Sonic 3 - Angel island act 2

Rammstein - Engel

Fear Factory - Demanufacture

SMB - Underground world (8 bit Dubstep cover/remix)

SVC - Power Generator Room (8 bit Cover)

Tower of heaven - Luna ascension - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3IQ45PsDNQ
Megaman x4 - Sky Lagoon - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrnK7VDBur4

Sonic Adventure 2 Batlle - City Escape - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qABCf0pRpcQ

Misc. Stuff

Mario Kart Medley (Symphonic/Electronic Cover)

Katty perry - Dark horse (Post Brostep/Dubstep Remix) https://soundcloud.com/duckss-music-studio/katy-perry-dark-horse-post-dubtep-remix

dat feg $%&IIIeX - Kill everybody (8 bit remix) https://soundcloud.com/duckss-music-studio/skrillex-kill-everybody-8-bit-remix

WTF!? (Mashup) - https://soundcloud.com/duckss-music-studio/mindfuck-of-few-shitty-metalcoredeathcorenu-metal-songs-with-metal-songs-wtf


Okay I'll send the messages about first post update that you can be able to see my new songs.


If you want me to remix or do some original music,you can send the request in this thread.


Here's the procedure for that:



-If you want me to remix the song,please send me the mi-di file

-If you want me to do a music for you (For some project or whatever),you need to say me the genre only.





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