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Arena Tornament (From Dragon Ball Z Arcade)


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This stage was originally created by Ken Masters, which was later edited again by Stig87 for the DBZ Dream Project. I decided to give this stage a 1.1 enhancement, experimenting with the now not so new zoom feature. Feel free to give any feedback on the stage. smiley.gif

*This stage is animated.
*This stage supports characters with super jumps.
*Although this stage does work for 1.0, the boundleft and boundright camera is incorrect. I might give this stage a 1.0 release sometime in the future.




Also apparently I have a problem with some characters (such as OMEGAPSYCHO's E Honda) where the camera will go higher than it's suppose to be. Is there anyway to fix this?




Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/eeou637fjans6l7/dbz_arena_touri.rar

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