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Applejack V (Edit of Tylor's Applejack)

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I decided to revamp Tylor's Applejack as I felt it had problems/was lacking things.


Fighting is magic hit sparks and SFX


More grapples and throws, better effects


Hyper effects, this is not the stage, but an effect



Other things include:

-defence stat reduced from 150 to 100

-attack stat reduced from 150 to 100

-power increased to 5000

-medium and anti-air rope grapples bounce the enemy into the air for combing

-Applebucks deal more damage

-EX moves

-Hyper armor during EX moves, there's also a hyper that gives you armor for about 10 seconds (You can still to thrown being armor)

-and more stuff


I'm gonna update it as time goes by, but I'd like some feedback first :)


DOWNLOAD: http://www.4shared.com/rar/ksBxiZVGce/CRAJV11.html

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