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Ohh mann. Well, this is Rion. Rion is an original character with sprites taken from what seems to be a Lion backpack, he's a five button character and he's balanced. IN A WAY. I say in a way because he's pretty cheap, but his attacks do normal damage. He takes advantage of his helpers and he can send both of them out at the same time, as well as teleport and he relies on this to win, his 11th and 12th palettes also make him stronger. His helpers are Domo and a white bear. He can take on some pretty strong characters and he's not to be underestimated. The author is OGko OGwo and he works for 1.0, if you REALLY wanted to beat him, you'd have to be VERY SKILLED. Like MLG. lmao. Or use another cheap character against him.


So if cheap characters are your thing, I recommend him for you. Enjoy.

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