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[Mutigen] Trade/Genning thread


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itt we trade each other breeding leftovers or created pokemons


Trade template 


Have: stuff I have to trade specify egg moves, ivs, ability

Want: specific pokemon with ivs, abilites, and or items


Now for me to start 

Have: the ability to create legal pokes form scratch

Want: battle items


Bonus discount i can gen you an entire team if you do not have a comp pokemon team and wish to try it out

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This affects genning via browser exploit, sadly



RIP Gen 6 genning (unless you didnt update your 3DS yet then lel)

I had minds updated acouple of days ago. :-P


At least I know whats is all about, I thought it was just a little bug fix for the system. Well at least nintendo is still fighting against the odds. :-P

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