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Super fancy standard Portraits


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Super fancy standard Portaits
By GVS84.

This portraits are all made by myself. I have put A LOT of time into some of them (because I am a perfectionist)!
Please respect this big amount of work by not hosting them as your own work (but feel free to share them).


To character creators:
Yes you can use my portrait for your character, just give me credits in the ReadMe file!


And also:

After 7 wonderful years it's time for me to say goodbye to the Mugen scene. It was a lot of fun. 





All portraits are 120x140 .png files with indexed colors and transparent background.



Street Fighter


4ggca957.png    rpbmh4hs.png    itl8445b.png    5pvultod.png    2yotzqd2.png


ngiwbx6s.png    e5ezucmd.png    gbzkelvt.png    xwrw43e3.png    2lxfytrd.png


sdb4ia5c.png    ol6dmuzz.png    mjzmyx88.png    2zlhca5q.png    u2vny5w9.png


xhuct2le.png    mzyznxqv.png    luzx7mi5.png    4qwac29i.png




DC Comics

Batman series:

at95eeft.png    hdrklnih.png    fwjn64ty.png    xrrb6u99.png    wixi89t9.png


Superman series:

fkw6432d.png    w36pjv4o.png



silaevf7.png    b3jgwaap.png    f39s59p2.png    a4lls4xm.png




Marvel Comics

Spider-Man series:

sidnymh7.png    m7ff4ziv.png    gan5moxr.png    2wwg9vvb.png


X-Men series:

cwvf5q5j.png    ob7l4473.png    cepacvir.png    o34zug8u.png


Fantastic Four series:

t5fxu9yk.png    vuvmirby.png    5emhtffh.png



m282fc72.png    epsd959r.png






fo86udcu.png    28huvc47.png    wnxxk6ls.png    463pim2c.png




Guilty Gear






Sengoku Basara X


awnfqvip.png    yy5rk47a.png




Fist of the North Star / Hokuto no Ken












Metal Gear Solid






Download:  Super fancy standard Portraits


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