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[Mugen 1.0] [Mugen 1.1] Red Forest [640x480] + [Zoom]


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[Mugen 1.0] [Mugen 1.1] Red Forest [640x480]



Nombre del stage:  Red Forest
Fecha de creacion:  10/08/14
Version de Mugen:  1.0 & 1.1
Autor:                  Shin Yagami
Ultima version:      08/02/15

[Data Release 08/02/15]
This scenario is both Mugen 1.0 and 1.1 below for details on each version.
Mugen 1.0
An improved version, where the stage is longer contains deltas and parallax, so to make the most flamboyant stage. 
Mugen 1.1
An improved version, where the stage is longer contains zoom, as well deltas and parallax to the more flamboyant stage.
If you do not like the zooming you have the following:
1. Looking into the stage Def file under "Camera" and seeks the following and delete it
startzoom = 1,1
zoomout = 0.6
zoomin = 1
2.- In that same site but higher seeks to:
boundleft = -790 These numbers for these changes -885
boundright = 790 These numbers for these changes 885
And presto! You already have the stage without the effect of Zoom.

[Video del stage]


[Overall view of the stage]


-Elecbyte And to use its stage 0-720 as the basis for this scenario.
-A Darek for good tutorial on how to program a good parallax.



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