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Glisp's soundfont mixes


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So I do music with soundfonts and midis. Lately I've been on a Castlevania music binge but I have other music tracks from other games I've done as well.


My Castlevania mixes can be found here.


Most of them are Aria of Sorrow mixes but I've done mixes from other games as well such as Dracula X SNES and Circle of the Moon. (working on some from other games as well, such as Iv but getting them to sound right is why it's taking so long)

I've done other mixes for other game midi's as well.


These are old Golden Axe mixes I did a couple of years back. I could probably redo them now actually. Some of them were really lazily made personally.


Battlefield is probably the best of the bunch, but even that one could be improved upon.


Various Altered Beast mixes. Some are good, some are bad.


It's mostly different mixes of the Beast theme and Level 1 theme


Jurassic Park SNES


These mixes are pretty recent. They turned out pretty good IMO and that's saying a lot considering the MIDI's weren't completely true to the music track with their default instrument setup. I had to mess around with them in synthfont a little to get proper instruments and fix other problems (as in back channels being much louder than the main channel)


Doom music.


Anyone that messes with Midis will probably take a shot at doing soundfont mixes of Doom I and II's music. Here's some of my doom mixes over the past couple of years. As you can tell my sound font is different in some of these because they're much older. There's also duplicates of some I've redone over the years with the newer soundfont.


Assorted other mixes


mixes from various games. Not much to really say other than some are good, some are bad. Give them a listen and draw your own conclusions as some are quite old.

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Bump to mention that I fixed the links. They should now link to their appropriate directories. Also added some new Castlevania mixes. (all from Super Castlevania IV) a couple of them probably aren't that good, but you can draw that conclusion for yourself if you want.

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