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High School Of The Dead


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I remember I when I watched this anime. Probably one of the first times I saw a nipple in an anime. Good times....... I remember I liked the lady with the orange hair (Rei, was it?). Saeko was cool, but I had a thing for the redhead. 

That sounds like a good idea if it was a little OVA or a cameo or something. I'd actually be pretty excited to see something like that happen. 

It would be hilarious to see Frank West dealing with the zombies Dead Rising style

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I'll be honest, I kind of wish this anime had less ecchi in it and more story, especially since the Manga kind of fills in the blank of a lot of details. More importantly, the biggest issue is



that Kohta Hirano gets a girlfriend and ends up fucking dying! GOD DAMMIT! Why does the one character that isn't a complete douchebag end up alone? 😞


But real talk, Kohta is basically me IRL, minus owning guns (but I freaking love guns though). The moment I saw that in the manga, I was just like "WHY DO LOSERS LIKE ME END UP ALONE!?!?" Then I realized "cause that's reality".

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