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Bayonetta 1 and 2 [Wii U]


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So I finally got it for Christmas. Bayonetta 2 comes packaged with the first game, which includes some bonus costumes base on Nintendo characters so that it has some exclusive material to the port. The Costumes are also usable with Jeanne once you unlock her as playable. Each costume has a special gimmick, or a series of special gimmicks for it. The costumes are as follows:


  • Mushroom Kingdom Princess - This costume is an outfit that gives Bayonetta a pink dress similar to Princess Toadstool/Peach. However, the costume is different so that it matches Bayonetta's "sexy" style. While wearing this costume, Wicked Weaves become Bowser/King Koopa's Fists and feet. Halos become coins, accompanied by appropriate collection sound. (it's the classic 8-bit version of the sound sound from Super Mario Bros.) There's also some other things on the outfit that reference mario, such as a very small Bullet Bill sprite on her stockings and a Mario keychain. (can't remember where the keychain is right off on the outfit)
  • Sarasaraland Princess - A yellow version of the above inspired by Princess Daisy. Has a few minor differences such as a different character on the stocking and a Luigi keychain. Other than that, see the previous costumes for additional effects
  • Hero of Hyrule - a Costume inspired by Link of Legend of Zelda fame. while wearing this costume, Bayonetta gets the Hylian Shield on her arm. Shuraba becomes the Master sword, complete with some new visual effects for it. Halos become Rupees and make the appropriate collection sound when collected. When opening a chest, the LoZ "found an item" jingle will play. When unlocking doors or something of that nature the "found a hidden room" jingle will play. All of these sounds come from A Link to the past, as that was Hideki Kamiya's favorite LoZ game. Nintendo actually contributed to this design. Originally, Bayonetta was going to have an undershirt under her tunic. However, Nintendo suggested it be removed because it didn't fit her style. So in the tunic, Bayonetta shows a little cleavage while wearing this costume as a result of Nintendo's suggestion.
  • Intergalactic Bounty Hunter - Samus Aran's suit from Metroid with a Bayonetta style. While wearing this costume, Bayonetta will fire the suit's arm cannon with the Y button rather than the Scarborough Fair. The Helmet's visor can be lifted up or down during cutscenes and gameplay by holding down on the D-pad for a few seconds.


There was a minor change from the original version as well. Jeanne's breast size was made slightly smaller. This wasn't for censorship reasons though. This was done to make her closer to her appearance in bayonetta 2 and her original concept art, as well as please Hideki Kamiya.


As for Bayonetta 2, The story's really good and there are a lot of references to the first game. The whole cast has a costume redesign but unlike most games, the redesign is explained in costume descriptions, at least for Bayonetta and Jeanne anyway. Bayonetta is wearing a Umbra battle uniform by default rather than her traditional outfit from the first game. Jeanne wears a biker suit and has grown out her hair. The game isn't directed by Hideki Kamiya like the first game was. Instead, Kamiya just supervised it. Instead, the former producer and enemy/infernal demon designer of Bayonetta, Yusuke Hashimoto directed the game. (And also designed most of the enemies and infernal demons, including bringing back a few enemy designs that were scrapped for the first game, such as Valor and Enrapture.)


The game differs from the first game because In addition to fighting Angels, Bayonetta also fights demons at various points throughout the game. I don't want to spoil the story, but the storyline is designed so that it not only acts as a sequel, but also sets up some of the events in the first bayonetta. If that sounds confusing I'm sorry, but I don't want to spoil the story.


As for the gameplay, the game enhances on what the previous bayonetta did. The game is by far more forgiving than the first Bayonetta in terms of difficulty. There's fewer instant death QTE's, and dodge prompts are made a little bit more obvious. In addition, a new feature allows you to use a thing called Umbran Climax which basically turns all of your attacks in to wicked weaves. However, Umbran Climax only lasts for a short time and can only be activated when at least one magic gauge is full. Depending upon the weapon equipped and the part of the body it's equipped to, Infernal demons will also be summoned during Umbran climax to deliver quick damage in addition to typical wicked weaves. (usually at the end of a specific attack combo) Umbran Climax also staggers enemies, even the toughest of bosses will typically end up staggered by climax (of course, there are a few that can't be staggered.) your health is also restored while doing Umbran Climax as well and you're less likely to get staggered by enemy attacks.


The Nintendo costumes can be unlocked in Bayonetta 2 as well.

  • Mushroom Kingdom Princess - Pretty much the same as the version in the first Bayonetta
  • Sarasaraland Princess - same.
  • Hero of Hyrule - The costume's pretty much the same for the most part, though now the Hylian shield now can auto parry like the Moon of Maha-Kala (or however it's spelled) eliminating the need for said accessory. You can still get the Master Sword, but Shuraba can only be unlocked by purchasing the super mirror (only available after completing the game on at least second climax.) so you can't use the Master sword right away.
  • Intergalactic Bounty Hunter - This outfit got some enhancements. Now if you have the gun charge move unlocked, you can charge the suit's arm cannon by pressing and holding Y. In addition, you will also go into morph ball form instead of beast within. While in morphball, you can press the jump button to drop bombs for minor damage. (only two per jump though counting double jumps). The Visor no longer can be lowered or raised at will. Instead, it automatically lowers during battle.  You can also do the screw attack while jumping.
  • Star Mercenary - A costume based on Starfox. Bayonetta's pants are green, while Jeanne's are orange in this costume. This costume is exclusive to Bayonetta 2. Love is Blue turn into Arwing styled lasers with all four starfox characters hanging from the handles as ornaments. The Arwing guns change the aiming cursor from a pair of lips to a blue lock on square. With charge shot purchased, the Arwing guns can fire a large sphere of green energy. In addition, during chapters where Jets appear in (the prologue and Chapter IX) the jets become Arwings.

Also worth noting, the Bayonetta 1 styles of the respective Nintendo costumes are also unlockable after beating the game on 3rd Climax. You can also get many of the original Bayonetta's costumes by beating the game on 2nd Climax. (in addition to some new costumes) And this goes for Both Bayonetta and Jeanne. As for unlocking Jeanne, it's much easier this time around, just beat the game on any difficulty. in the first Bayonetta, you had to get all platinum on Normal or higher.


Overall, Bayonetta 2, while easier, is still very fun and I recommend anyone that owns a Wii U or loved the first Bayonetta and wants to try it out to get it.

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