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Mikan by Turugi released 9/16/14


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Love that sprite style, though. Is this original?

Pretty much she is. Her name describes about a fruit or Oranges of some sort so far that I research.


Still testing her out....


[EDIT Post]


Just tested her out:

- She a pretty good character overall but she has some stiff Animations that more likly going to be fix up with some updates by the author.

- Her D,DB,B,a, or b suppose to land on the ground but cause her to be upfloat for a few seconds before going back to her stance.

- She can easily do one of her special moves just by doing a basic throw motion with 'b'

+Her AI is decent

+She has a sort of SNK play style which is cool

+ I like her Taunt, Intro and Winning poses personally


Not bad for Original Character I say. :goodmood:

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