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Requesting Eve by Hanma (completed version)

Ishiro The Third


I'm looking for the complete version of Eve Stein by Hanma. At author's website/uploader the version that I want was deleted.There's just an Eve without intro/win pose with an obvious sprite difference


(Looking for the Left ver.)

Does anyone can help me to find it?

Thank you again \o/

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There are two versions of Eve by Hanma :


Her normal version can be downloaded here : http://ux.getuploader.com/hanmahanma/download/50/Eve.zip


There was also a AF version of her that, to some people, feels more complete than her "normal" version, but he removed it so you're gonna have to ask some other people for it.


Also you may need a password to download her, in which case it's "nanako".

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