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Jago Released by C.V.S Artist 9/3/14


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Are you still convinced that CvS Artist is CvS The Abstract? They're two different people.


CvS Artist is Super Dragon Blade aka Chuchoryu's clone. (And he's not a CvS Artist; actually I'm wondering if he changed his name to this just to cause confusion, even if he wants to be called Shin Mako in MFG; but oh well, we'll wait some months and he will change his username again, so who cares?)

CvS The Abstract is the one who made the Asuka, Paul and Jin Kazama sprites just to name a few.



The spriting is laughable, I mean seriously, how in your right mind can you do something that horrible? Details that disappear or move without any logic, colours that are randomly placed in various parts of the sprites, the sprites in general have no style (they are cut and paste of other sprites from CPS3 - Jojo characters, it also seems KoF for the head and some arms, with "nice" MSPaint touches here and there).


Just look at this:


The head is different, even the sword is different, the arm is short (if you look at other frames, of other attacks, you can see it can be longer); and the funny thing is that these ones in the image are part of the same animation, the first being sprite 210,1 and the other 210,2; and this is a very small sample, if you want to laugh open the .sff and watch the "great sprites + 1" that garthahaham Gartanham made with his artistic touch;


then look at this:


I can connect the strong punch six times in a row to cause big damage; good job!


and this


The get hit animations have bigger CLSN; but don't get me started on the CLSNs of the other animations (because a lot of them suck).


and this:


The "COUNTER!" word appears there. It would be interesting if it was a new style (and perhaps I will keep it in consideration for an idea), but everybody knows that is an error, because "PotS style" (as he intends it) has the word where the attack hits countering the opponent;

and again, this:


hello Debug Flood! How are you? I see you every time I make an EndoKuken, be it Light, Medium, Strong, Ex, Super Level 1 Light or Medium or Strong, Super Level 2; so, what's the deal?

The gameplay is very boring: the EX version of each move is just the same move with two or three hits, they add no variety to the gameplay; some EX moves are even useless and weaker than the stand strong punch; we all know the EX moves in SF3 have some properties that makes them different from the normal moves but I fail to see differencies here.


...But hey, this is PotS style (ahem, DivineWolf's KFM used as a base) so all people will be happy, right?


I would just expect more from him (or she, whatever), he/she... let's say "makes" mugen characters for quite a while, but the bad thing is that when he/she saw the KFM made by DivineWolf he/she always used it without adding too much of his/her own. Just sad.

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Trinitronity, I meant in terms of making mugen characters.

How can you not understand what I meant? It's not that hard to get. I also explained this before, I didn't want to repeat it again.

What mistake have I made? I know how he/she behaves since he registered in MFG with his/her Soul Calibur project (at first it was a request for something to be made for him/her).

I even said it's another guy/girl (in fact I called him by his/her original name he registered on MFG, Super Dragon Blade).

Let's list the same things they have in common:

- they all use a template, with little modifications just to suit the template;

- they don't change their method of making characters;

- they have a lot of wips;

- they want to make full-games;

- they never test their characters before releasing them;

- they're registered in MMV.

- Case in point, Super Dragon Blade used horrible sprites to make the character, just like Chuchoryu usually does.

And I bet that you are going to say that he updates the characters. Oh well, but he doesn't learn from them. In fact CLSN are still terrible, even after all these years. And that's just one thing.

Also, by clone I don't mean that Chuchoryu actually cloned himself with a machine, the clone learned some basic English grammar and started posting on his own.

If I wanted to say what you understood I would have said it's his alternate/second account, but I didn't do that, so I don't know where you get that.

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Alex, Super Dragon Blade is a girl I believe. She attempted to sprite something for NZCR a long time ago that I was no pleased with at all.

Anyways, let's not turn this into a Chucho/Super-Dragon-Blade bashing fest, 'kay? I'm not saying that you are, Alex, just want to prevent it before it happens.

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i can get past the sprites i really dont care to much honestly since it kinda is the first 2d jago in a way im cool with it being as "good" as it is its the gameplay that falls flat in my eyes i dont know like it one bit it doesn't feel K.I. at all and as stated above the ex and supers do the same thing just more hits i was really hoping for a fast pace combo happy S.O.B. but we got what we got o_0

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