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About explod code



Hello people, this time I try to correctly position a pic for my B.I.G victory animation => in this animation he walk out the screen then a big pic of him appear on the opposite high corner of the screen (to surprise the player as if B.I.G has jumped on the screen), so my point is : the image position, I want it to position itself at the exact opposite top hand corner of the screen B.I.G depart too, however after many try the image (coded as an explod) dont position itself correctly as you can see on this pic : 




In this case it should position at the top left hand corner of the screen however it is not the case and the image appears misplaced all the time in many stages so how can i manage to force it to appear exactly at the top hand corner of the screen ? 


Here the code I using : 


[state 183, 7]

type = Explod

trigger1 = Anim=182 && AnimElem=16

Anim = 186

id = 186

pos = 0,0

sprpriority = 100


Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Explod has a postype parameter that you can set. Setting it as "back" will set it relative to the back edge of the screen. Setting it as "left" will position it on the left side of the screen. After setting the proper postype, you can mess with the position to get it how you want.

Check the docs: http://elecbyte.com/mugendocs/sctrls.html#explod

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