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[Orochi Edit] Mizuchi-A2

ShiniGami NoMeresu

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Friend know this!! 95% orochi mizuchi edits which comes with fancy names and tons of explods with sparks + flashy effects are cheap
asking about this char. his AI is aggressive though hes not like other who does not let you stand for more than a second
i played against it. made quite a damage.
asking about orochi and mizuchi edits that are they cheap is itself a silly question :goodmood:

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This one's effects do look nice but I think this edit is a bit too "non-cheap" for me. =P

i agreed but still he is in a category of cheaps .i like this one with his ways that is why i added video for him specially. i loved his helpers and the last skill. opening portal from above upon your prey and vanished him totally isss.......................


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