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Custom SDK Oda Nobunaga released 2014-08-03


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Custom SDK Oda Nobunaga
Exclusively announced in MUGEN FREE FOR ALL, my new MUGEN home

MUGEN Characters 1500 Series: Custom SDK Oda Nobunaga by Borewood

Custom SDK Oda Nobunaga is from Samurai Deeper Kyo (PSX)

SDK Oda Nobunaga: "I am Oda Nobunaga!"
NM   Oda Nobunaga: "I am Oda Nobunaga!!"
SBX Oda Nobunaga: "I am Oda Nobunaga!!!"

* Custom SDK Oda Nobunaga is from Samurai Deeper Kyo (PSX)
- more details:  http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps/563131-samurai-deeper-kyo/faqs/31304

                                                                                 MUGEN Version
SDK characters have no taunts
Oda Nobunaga, unlike some SDK characters, may not be able to run forward and hop back

Weak Slash                    B
Medium Slash                 A
Heavy Slash                    f + A

Throw                              f/b + A close                 

"Kamui"                           b + X or b + Y  *it can nullify one (1) P2's attack/projectile
(Divine Garment)
"Guretsu"                        X or Y
(Violent Storm)
"Guretsu: Kai"                 f + X or f + Y
(Violent Storm: Revised)

"Tenma....Mukuroude"       X+Y/X+A/Y+B/A+B/Y+A/X+B   *requires and consumes power=1000 (out of power=1000)
(Divine Demon....Corpse Hand)

Target Combos (unlike some SDK characters, most of Oda Nobunaga's Target Combos are just Links):
- when close to Player 2:
    Target Combos/Links #1:  standing B, B, B, B
    Target Combos/Links #2:  standing B, A
    Target Combos/Links #3:  standing B, B, A
    Target Combos/Links #4:  standing B, B, B, A
    Target Combos/Links #5:  standing B, B, B, B, A
Video Preview
if you don't have nicovideo account:  http://en.niconico.sarashi.com/?sm24151576
if you have nicovideo account: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm24151576
my OneDrive here:  https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=7DB65F02B0BBD12E&id=7DB65F02B0BBD12E!669&v=3
Download 2014-08-03: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=7DB65F02B0BBD12E&id=7DB65F02B0BBD12E!625#cid=7DB65F02B0BBD12E&id=7DB65F02B0BBD12E%21109 -> Custom_SDK_Oda_Nobunaga -> Custom_SDK_Oda_Nobunaga_2014-08-03.zip

* for MUGEN 1.0 only.

  (Custom_SDK_Oda_Nobunaga.def - localcoord = 320,240)
  (mugen.cfg - [Config] - GameWidth = 640 & GameHeight = 480)

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Easy to make combos not much complicated.


I guess he must be some kind of Boss character isnt?


Tho is easy to figure out you probably fix the Download link there.


Mukurou.png?psid=1   Mukurou is the SDK final boss


Oda_Nobunaga.png?psid=1  Oda Nobunaga is the SDK middle boss


In the SDK manga and anime, Oda Nobunaga tried very hard to occupy Mukurou, which was Kyo's original body.

In the SDK PSX fighting game, Oda Nobunaga seems to be relative weak middle boss, and his Target Combos suck.  Most other SDK PSX characters have better than combo times.  Oda Nobunaga's only worth advantage is his "Tenma....Mukuroude" super move. 


I just tested the download hyperlink, it is working good.  :heeee:



Actually some PSX SDK exclusive features like choosing assists, sword clash moment, and time-out death duel, are too hard for me to try to mugenize.....

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