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Stage : Red Forest

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name                   = "Red Forest"
mugenversion     = 1.0
author                  = "Shin Yagami"

Bgm                    = Yes

HighJump           = Included



I Quote "Well this is my first stage, I hope you like it. More details in the description of the video"


Link = http://www.mediafire.com/download/s236ctogqzdu1q8/Red+Forest+stage+27-07-14.rar

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Not a bad looking stage at all. A bit simple maybe as in there's not much featured in the stage but would work perfect as a stage for a horror character combined with a horror song as fitting BGM.

not to mention tho its his first shot so . not very much to expect. when i tried first time with one image sprite . horrible. i dont wana talk about it. but he did far more better than mine first shot

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