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Mk Vs SF Ryu for mugen 1.0


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Just dl'ed this Ryu (and got some stuff ready to feedback him.. And I when I say "stuff", I mean I got a lot of things to address), and noticed on the folder for MK vs SF Ryu, it's dated somewhere around Sept. 18, 2008. Checked the files though, and it seems like the common is changed, while everything else is unchanged.


Since I'm curious, is this coding change on Ryu really small?

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I happen to have this ryu (the unchanged version from yours) and he works on 1.0 for me cuz I also have the bearded gouki, ken, raiden, chun li and chameleon and none of them have a problem running on my screenpack maybe you got a bad version but either way it's nice that you took the time to make this one playable on 1.0

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