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Win/Roundstate Help Needed

Ultra Fatality


So basically I need help on how to code a move that can only be done when you win a round instead on just round 2 or something you know this has been bugging the hell out of me for awhile I tryed the win code but it no works right i dont know i needs help with this

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You need a "varset" state on the -2 states that changes a variable's value if you win a round, using the "Win" trigger, like this:

[State -2]
type = varset
trigger1 = Win = 1
v = anynumber
value = 1

The on the -1 state for the move use:

triggerall = var(anynumber) = 1
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Not sure if this is what you want or not:



somewhere in your [statedef -3]:


[state -3, ChangeState]
type = ChangeState
value = 777    ;;; 777 is "code a move" you are making, you can use any other not-in-use number, 777 is just an example here
triggerall = Life != 0 && Alive != 0
triggerall = RoundState = 3   ;;; you may not use the value of 4  or Win Trigger here or it can never ChangeState to Statedef 180
trigger1 = P2Life = 0 || EnemyNear, Alive = 0
trigger1 = StateNo != 777
trigger1 = PrevStateNo != 777
persistent = 0

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