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[PC] Living Hell (a Splatterhouse re-make)


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[PC] Living Hell (a Splatterhouse re-make):





Living Hell is a Splatterhouse re-make by this web site:  http://www.nlkgames.com/?section=game&id=112


If you don't know about or have forgotten Splatterhouse, then you must pay a visit to this web site to get to know about or be reminded of, the awesome horror-movie-alike action video game classic:





My Splatterhouse the arcade game experience was short, I haven't managed to finish Splatterhouse the arcade game yet because before my goal the arcade machine has already been moved/discarded!  Then all my Splatterhouse game experience has long been based on using game emulators on my PC.  Thanks to MAME, I could finish my unfinished Splatterhouse game once and for all!  I just downloaded this Splatterhouse re-make not long ago and I will try to play it during my leisure.

I like Splatterhouse so much that I even once mugenized the final boss of the arcade game:

Splatterhouse Hell Chaos

Rick's nightmare continues in MUGEN.............

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