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Crash 3ds! Grab new version of Gameboy fighters V.3.5!


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anyway Game is 3.5,I already planed 4.0 for next year ;)

Everything what I want from you is to enjoy yourself playing it ;)
















Download on my website:



KingPepe2010 = for Bootleg game wiki,PGC forums and their archive about bootlegs

Chuchoryu = for making Ryu Hayabusa and giving to me for bug fixing and moderating

Waly_066 (Known as a guy who changes his name) = for suggestions

MugoUrth = for ripping M.Rika from bootleg game

NoSide = for bionic commando and Billy chararacter suggestion

Taizou = for handheld undergound (WWW.HHUG.ME) where I found sintax game dumps

Quizei = for bootleg game reviews on his website and youtube

Visualboy Advance emulator team = I ripped everything from every game with that emulator

Sintax = For very weird games but they are awesome!

VAST FAME = for every games what they created!

NINTENDO = For great handheld console ever!

Elorg. = For tetris :P

Japanese Supply + Sunsoft = for power quest

Culture brain = for Chinese fighter EX

Sachen = for one great weird game

Taiwan = because that's the country where is the great bootleg companies

China = Because that's the mother land of bootlegs

T.A.K.A.R.A = for the games from where I used all stuff

Irem. = for kung fu master game

Erroratu = For 2 Portraits :P

G.o.D = for feedback

Ryon = for code help

Capcom = Shall we know?

Elecbyte = for mugen

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dont hate me for saying this but..... what is the "crash 3ds!" in the title for? Im a little lost. Also, would it be alright if I reuploaded a complete build of this in one rar to mediafire or are you content on how it is? (I think its a bit messy) I will give very broad feedback on the game later and edit this post with it

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