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[Team Z2] Gohan and Freeza (beta) released. Goku, Vegeta and SSJ Goku Up.


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Hi everybody !

Many of you have probably already downloaded the "HDBZ EVO 2014 update pack".

Here, we're basically releasing the same thing, but as separate characters. There are a few changes compared to the pack version :

  • Z2 character specific intros and winposes are there (they were removed in the HDBZ pack to avoid always seeing the same intros/winposes).
  • Made Vegeta's Rage Galactic Gunfire blockable.
  • Fixed a bug with Gohan's Lv3 finisher triggered with the wrong conditions.

Gohan is just missing his AI.

Freeza is still a beta, missing a super, his finishers, his AI and some intros/winposes, but the bulk of his gameplay is solid.


As usual, you can find all the stuff here :


It should be available shortly on Balthazar's website too.

Have fun, C&C appreciated ! smiley.gif

See you !!!

~Team Z2


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