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Double Dragon Mode B Vs Stage By Zombiebrock

Lord Batros

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Yup Thats Right it might Be Crap And make With Cyblasters Tool But Damnitt I made a Stage & also includes BGM


Posted Image

Heres A Vid Of The actual Stage to compare it to(Features BGM that comes w/Stage)


Hosted At My site


if its offline here is an Alt DL


if u like it.great. if u dont , sorry im ecstatic over this :GHEYFACE:

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here use this http://www.2shared.com/file/JHwXu01e/stage_tool.html But make sure that when ur making a stage to use in 1.0 select 1.0 or they have this huge gap , also Resize the image your gonna want to use so its big enough to fit the screen resolution , but it takes u step by step, its for basic stages hence why i was able to make one lol

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