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Getting Rid Of Unlimited Supers



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Find this in dragon-ken.cns


[Statedef -3]

;-Este bg control permite cargar 5000% de poder cada vez que cambies a una
;-animacion como vez  he puesto todos las animaciones, asi la barra se llenara
;-mas pronto que el del oponente, si quieres que cargue solo  un poco
;- solo cambia el valor a 50 o 30 y  asi lo hara.
;-practicamente tendras barras de poder infinitas.

[State -3, PowerAdd]
type = PowerAdd
triggerall = anim =[0,5300]
trigger1 =time=0
value =5000
ignorehitpause =1
persistent = 1


change type = poweradd to type = null;poweradd

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The first statedef for every super needs poweradd = -1000  (or whatever value is appropriate where 1000 is one stock)



;Dreaded Ultimate Low Kick Of Death
[Statedef 1222]
type = S
physics = S
movetype = A
anim = 1022 + (100 * var(40))
velset = 0, 0
sprpriority = 1
facep2 = 1
ctrl = 0
poweradd = -1000
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