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Boss Saiki XIII updated 26 Apr 2014


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https://www.mediafire.com/?4jnnhavdz16cdwm  - updated 22mb file: Boss Saiki XIII_26-4-2014u.rar
He has localcoord 260. Playable in mugen 1.0 and 1.1b.
So KOF XIII got released on steam and the practice mode, coupled with accurate timings by animget, allowed much more improvement for this charismatic BEAST of a boss. I removed all his custom moves to reduce file size and lag. You will feel the difference in play style, especially for his counter move (DB+ kick). These are most of the Changes:
1. Face portrait smaller so it doesn't jut out of the edges on fighting screen.
2. Removed all custom moves (and their sounds) except 2: normal saiki's neomax and dark ash's full screen DM, so less bulky file size and lag.
3. Added increased attack/defence for boss mode (hold start + any button to select). Boss mode flames changed a little. 
4. All move timings synchronized with the ticks in animget shots. As such a lot of changes have been made.
5. Added correct guard evade sound, adjusted fade in/out of evade. Evade can now be spammed infinitely, like in original.
6. Added a pause for p1 during reversaldef of counter. The reversaldef also starts 1 animelem earlier. This is extremely important to saiki's playstyle and was missed out previously.
7. Counter and after-punching followup hit's red clsn reduced vastly. It does not hit across the entire screen now.
8. Added missing sprites and fixed some wrong animations (eg breathing, turning, punching, and more).
9. Added some missing guard.cornerpush.veloffs.
10. Air fireball handswipe has full-body projectile shield.
11. Corrected some voices/sounds and their timings.
12. Fixed a bug where STUN word appeared on helper (helper could be dizzed bug).
13. Added missing hit-ground-sound during stunned sequence.
14. Forward fireball's handswipe pausetimes and other stuff tweaked.
15. Added/ removed winquotes according to the steam version.
16. Totally reworked super darkening's flame pillar positions and p2 get hit velocity.
17. Reworked neomax.
18. Removed screenbound command for dark web.
19. Fixed bug with super armor when p1 died.
20. Removed the background flash of KOFXIII when enemy died, as the coding is buggy in mugen 1.1b.
21. Fixed bugs with pausemovetime and supermovetime.
22. Removed blue clsn on stone helper.
23. Added playerpush commands to be safe
24. Other stuff I forgot
25. AND... beefed up AI!
What's left:
1. Complete black flame animation (boss mode). Till now, no one has been able to rip the proper flames!!! I have the cheat table for KOF XIII Steam Edition that lets you play as flaming saiki, if anyone is interested to rip the sprites.
1. simul/turns mode is buggy! Dark web/hitspark appears on random p2 instead of the enemy that is hit
2. The BGpalfx fade to color 0 (in grab moves) has a bug with enemy moves that slow time.
3. Flame mode has some bugs with pausemovetimes, where the flame will still be on the hand for a short period before being removed at the next animelem.
Custom changes:
1. Super counter does more damage
2. Counters can counter all throws and the counter followup hits no matter where p2 is on the screen.
3. Cannot jump
4. A few custom nothitby frames (eg. forward fireball's handswipe 1-2 extra nothitby frames.)
5. During super darkening, Saiki could be thrown in KOF XIII. I made him fully invulnerable.
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The AI in the past was just repeating like 3 moves only. This time he does a few more. It makes him more versatile, but could expose certain weaknesses. 


Now, he also doesn't trap you in the corner and keep executing the unblockable grab.


Edit: the file was being updated so those who had problems downloading please download the new file: Boss Saiki XIII_26-4-2014u.rar

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