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Win Pose doesn't finish.

Flowering Knight


I'm creating a win pose for my character, but for some reason the match fades out before it even finishes.


Here's the code if it helps:



[statedef 183]

type = S

ctrl = 0

anim = 183

velset = 0,0


[state 183, 1]

type = NotHitBy

trigger1 = 1

value = SCA

time = 1


[state 0, PlaySnd]

type = PlaySnd

trigger1 = animelem = 1

value = S300,10


[state 0, AssertSpecial]

type = AssertSpecial

trigger1 = animelem = 1

flag = nomusic


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[state 183,lol]






Or you could use time<something as your trigger.  Whatever works.


Tried it, doesn't seem to do anything.


EDIT: Used a helper with this state, ended up working.

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