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I Needs Super Ultra Screenpack Help

Ultra Fatality


Well I didn't know how to address this issue but basically what I'm trying to do is have it so when someone dies in round one instead of just doing the win pose and fading to black going into round 2 after the win pose and the win announcement i want p2 or the player who lost to just get up without it fading back into another round i seen this done in the Metal Gear Screenpack and got the idea from there and also the combo counting system which i seen in a lot of screenpacks but the Killer Instinct screenpack (which is down for some reason -_-) has a combo system where the combo hits appears when the combo is over and it has the announcer when the combo is over saying different things based on how many hits is done and im like i needs these things so if anyone can help that'd be great :) hell send me a working link to both screenpacks i'll copy the codes nah nah i must learn ^_^

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Not sure if this really helps you out but here are the links to the mentioned screenpacks :


Killer Instinct SP : http://www.mediafire.com/download/i8al9dqqd52a5zm/KISPFiR3L0rD666.rar


Metal Gear SP (for Mugen 1.0) : http://www.sendspace.com/file/8kma3c



Nah it didnt help really i couldn't even get the shit to fucking work -__- anyway

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