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Taskmaster by Rojin70 Updated (30/03/2014)


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No one posted updates for this characters, so I am the one who's going to do that.
Version 0.955




>> To Oversea users
Please check the first section of Readme.txt included in
the Taskmaster folder.
twitter → deathrojin70


English (Google Translate)

[Mugen task master β0.955 release 

Komai ver softened but sticks. 
β ver0.955 version is here 
>> To Oversea users 
Please check the first section of Readme.txt included in 
the Taskmaster folder. 
■ fix list (copy and paste the readme) 
Since I had pretty opinions firepower is high, and the game the purpose of killing 3 people 
It is determined from the difference of the damage efficiency of the purpose of the game take Round 2 
I was reduced to 2/3 the damage of each skill ATK100 o'clock. 
If you have any opinion, "refreshment too lack" and as well as Bagurepo 
I'll come at any time. If you do not decide Ika firm usually technology combo and three gauge 
Who is not die so close to level with the da sky without the character of MVC2 
I'm thinking also Na seemingly this well. 
■ Upcoming 
· Description organize 
· Bug fix 
Bug report to the resident entry of TOP or entry, this 
It will be saved to be able to comment. Is pleased to cry. 
twitter → deathrojin70 
※ It is recommended degree because it mixed well such as murmur of Dracula HD: Low

The palettes don't work because:

he forgot to put sprite 0,0.

If you can, open the .sff and duplicate one of his sprites, then rename it 0,0.

(Optional, not needed) After that:
- edit his .def file and change every "act\" with "act/";
- edit the "mugenversion" from "0.95" to "1.0".

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I find it funny that everytime I see TaskMaster, my mind automatically reads Tatsumaki.


It's turning good, I still find it needs to add the parabolic trajectory that his original counterpart have, but the rest is actually functional.

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