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Char Error

柊 明


I have recently downloaded a character for M.U.G.E.N 1.0, but when I try to play, M.U.G.E.N shows me an error.


Error message: State type "NotHitBy" not valid

Error in [statedef 5110]

Error in chars/RENA/common1.cns

Error loading chars/RENA/RENA.def

Error loading p1

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Ok well ill tell you this much. the character works fine and doesnt crash in my winmugen.


what i did was:


-Download the RENA folder

-Download the SFF file

-Download the Sound file


dumped in the SFF & sound file to the RENA folder and she worked no problem without any crashes. its a weird short female character from what i saw and she charges up automatically if she stands there idol it seems.



Im about to see whats in this 1.0 folder and see if that works right




ok i found the 5110 issue....


this is why....and it was pretty bad coding


[statedef 5110]

;type = L

;movetype= H

;physics = N

type = NotHitBy

value = SCA

trigger1 = 1



i made it to this to fix  it from crashing


[statedef 5110]

type = L

movetype= H

physics = N



You have to open this kind of 1.0 creation with FF3. it wont open when the other types. so the issue was in the common1 state section. just type in the number 5110 at the bottom of the panel where you see "Find". put any state number or anim number in the blank space to the side of the "Find" space and then hit the find option. you have to always search in the proper state section to find the bug number issue you are seeking. Or for that matter find the animation begin state action or FX number you want to mess with...



ALSO....remember to add in its sound file too from the site. the character will crash again if thats not in there



you should be good to go with all that. I got the character working for myself already

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If i had the character i can pinpoint whats wrong possibly a lot faster




Open it up in Fighter factory and go to search the number "5110" in one of the state sections to lock into. once you get the state section look it over carefully and make sure the nothitby is expressed right. if it isnt then thats why its crashing.


heres an example of how two "working" forms of that code is supposed to look


[state 3000, NHB]
trigger1= 1
time=1;<----how long the frames of animation will be invincible




[state 3000, NHB]
type = NotHitBy
trigger1 = Time = 0
value = SCA,AA,AP,AT
time = 65;<----how long the frames of animation will be invincible


have to make sure thats how it looks in that 5110 state. is anything is missing then thats why its crashing



-As for the Error in chars/RENA/common1.cns issue I have to look at that closer :/ I want to take a guess and say the common1 def name is not in the RENA folder it should be in from how that error alert is...


For example: my mugen would crash if my character had a folder for the Constants.cns and it wasnt IN that folder itself. if the expression is states\Constants.cns then that means that Constants. cns file should be in the STATES folder in the character folder so mugen can find it since its labeled states\Constants.cns.


But eh thats my guess on that issue there

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