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Making a move blockable for Homura (by cycbeam)



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So I'm attempting to make to Homura's "~B, D, DB, c" move blockable but am having no success. I seem to be able to modify all but the guardflags, which has no effect whatsoever if I edit it (though the guardflags were originally there anyway).



Link to the character:



The issue you posted is not about HitDef guardflag problem, rather, it is about the facing of P1 and P2.

Well, this is a little bit difficult to explain just by words,  please see my MUGEN screenshots:



When I perform Homura's "~B, D, DB, c" move, KFM is sitting and guarding on the left side, while Homura is coming from the right side.

You see when Homura's Projectile is about to hit KFM, Homura's facing is already the same as KFM's, it only makes KFM do an auto turning so KFM is trying to guard from behind, which is the wrong side.


The consequence is KFM being hit:



On the other hand, if KFM can foresee Homura's "~B, D, DB, c" move coming, a human KFM player (not sure about CPU A.I.) may hold FORWARD or DOWN FORWARD to be able to guard Homura's Projectile:



Yet, this kind of "reverse-guarding(?)" is somehow against a fighting game guard rule..........I think Cyclops beam takes this MUGEN's advantage to make Homura's "~B, D, DB, c" move "hard to guard" while it has perfectly guard-able Projectile HitDef, the only requirement is, you, the human player, or the CPU A.I., need to "guard the other way around"...............


By the way, this is not the first time I see MUGEN characters taking this kind of MUGEN's advantage.  Most noticeable when you are playing MUGEN 2vs2 team mode.

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Hmm, I was afraid it would it be considered a cross-up.


What makes it so difficult to block is that the player/opponent loses control because they're frozen, so it is impossible to block. I wonder if there is a way around this...

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