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How do I do to add characters and stages for Mugen 1.0 and Mugen 1.1



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You know another configurator?

I don't know what is this "configurator" you mean. Are you first time about all this mugen stuff? Because adding characters and stages are basic stuff in mugen. It's easy. The link that Mr. Ryon provide has tell clear enough about this stuff. You must be doing something wrong. You just need to make sure the name on the character folder is same like the def. file. Example I have Ryu folder which name as SF4_Ryu, that means the def. file inside it should be name as SF4_Ryu too. If not, just simply rename it. Then add the SF4_Ryu in the select file under the [Characters]. While the stage add under the [ExtraStages].


Here's the example on select.def file







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Also make sure theres not a folder within a folder when you unzip the character files


if you unzip a file and see (example) "Ryu"....then you look in the folder and see another folder that says "Ryu", THATS not good. take that folder out of there. Make sure its just one folder of Ryu (or whatever character name) and in its folder theres parts to it with its def file. thats the folder you want in the char folder



And yes like Sham said make sure the def file name and the folder name are the same entirely before you copy and past the folder name into the select def character line

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