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movelist just like in mk style



hello i am, new in mugen. i don't know much about it.  i played mk4 6 yrs ago i saw that with a press of f3 key we are enable to view movelist of characters. i know that f3 thing is not possible in mugen although we can see it in char.cmd file but it spoils the mood of gameplay, so,  yesterday i thought that we do one thing that is with the press of taunt key a picture with all move written on will come and by pressing it again, it will disappear. i have told that i am new in mugen and i hope mffa to help me.......


plz explain with the taking kfm as dummy char

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its very possible and easy.


the problem is. the AI tends to get into the "movelist" and doesnt know how to get out of it sometimes.


basically you make a state (most people would use the taunt state) to pause all the action with a pause code, and a explod for the movelist


the movelist has to be a single image in the sff, and animation of -1 time.

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