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basic questions/need help from anybody who knows a little about Screenpacks



ok so here are my questions:

1-where can i edit the time the ''winner'' screen is shown after ive beaten my enemy? not the winning screen with the quotes, the regular one in game when youre still on the stage? because now its like: hey youve won and IMMEDIATELY the next battle starts..i wanna enjoy at least 3-4 seconds the winning pose

2- is it possible to play sound during continue screen>?

3- how do i ''extract'' a continue screen from one SP to another?

4- same question just for victory screen

5-how do i edit a screenpack like when i dont like some sprites used etc/ what programs do i need, how do i do that , any recommended tutorials?

thx and be blessed smiley.gif

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1. that is hard coded into the character. mugen does not support that, as it is technically a winpose with a bunch of icons. HOWEVER, find the winpose state and add the code.


[state 0, AssertSpecial]

type = AssertSpecial

trigger1 = time < 130

flag = roundnotover

persistent = 1


2. No.


3. Continue screens do not exist.

they are hard coded into mugen.

the previous stage before defeat (darkened)

the loser (you) in the middle doing dizzy animation or lose animation

words continue yes or no.


there is no official actual counter for continue.


4. Open the screenpack's system.sff into fighter factory. find the sprites, and save as pcx (which is really png) to your desktop or wherever.

load up your screenpack, and add sprite put with same group and index number, copy the animation over, and majority of the victory coding you copy from the 1st pack into your pack.


5. Fighter Factory 3.


I have tutorials up for almost everything mugen.




Its basic and general, but it will help you out ALOT.

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