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KOFEXUM coding help



Seeing as how Im not seeing anything from 119way lately I'm trying to add and change some chars from KOFEXUM, and wanted to add some new chars.

However theres this...water code....that Im trying to work out.

see when adding new chars in (For most) Theres that water code missing. Now I know for sure that for certain stages the author is named water for the sake of a fool's interactive mugen type feel. but The coding is.....iffy.

anyone have any idea how to fix this or at least tell me the codes?

Thank you kindly.

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its a helper code that triggers when the stagevar(info.author) or name, matchs up with the stage.


to make the helper or explod SPLASH.


I barely know how to use it, but its a mugen 1.0 sctrl and trigger that allow it to happen.


if its winmugen... i forget how it works then.


in anycase, check the other characters sprites, do they have the water splashing animation? if yes copy and paste to added char.

if no check data folder fightfx.air for it. just to see where it is.

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