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How to remove Simul Mode?



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simply remove it like this.


menu.itemname.arcade = ""
menu.itemname.versus = ""
menu.itemname.teamarcade = "ARCADE"
menu.itemname.teamversus = "VERSUS"
menu.itemname.teamcoop = ""
menu.itemname.survival = "SURVIVAL"
menu.itemname.survivalcoop = ""
menu.itemname.training = "PRACTICE"
menu.itemname.watch = "DEMONSTRATION"
menu.itemname.options = "SETTINGS"
menu.itemname.exit = "EXIT"


if there is nothing between " " it will be disabled.

that includes spaces as a character.

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How can you say that is not what he asked?

He replied with Ok thanks, and he NEVER replied again, this was posted LAST YEAR.

If he had a issue with it he would have replied.

There is no way to remove a single mode within a mode.

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